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518 calls- 84 drills
Building Fire on Sellers Ave
Sunday, June 19, 2016 
Around 1630 on Sunday 6/19, the assignment was dispatched to E. Sellers Ave in Ridley Park. Initial arriving units found light smoke coming from an overhang attached to the front of the building. Engine 8 arrived on scene and immediately went to work. Half the crew off the engine went to division 2 to check for extension, while the rest of the crew assisted Ladder 48's crew with exterior investigation and fire suppression. During this time, Engine 8 dropped a supply line into 07-1, who was assisting in the fire attack. Short work was made of the fire, and crews returned shortly after.

Block Tour and Fire Critique
Thursday, June 16, 2016 
Tonight the crew from Prospect Park met up with Ridley Park for an after the fire block tour. The crews went door to door informing the residents about fire safety and the importance of smoke detectors. Crews asked if residence had smoke dectors and installed dectors at homes that needed them free of charge. After the block tour the crew came back to the situation and critiqued the fire. Smoke detectors are available free of charge to Prospect Park Residents. Please contact us if you need one and we will come and install it for you.

Working Fire in Ridley Park
Wednesday, June 15, 2016 
Tonight Station 8 was dispatched to a building fire with possible Entraptment. in Ridley Park. The police quickly advised fireboard that they had fire showing from the second floor windows. The house was a single family dwelling that had been converted into two apartments. Engine 8 laid a supply line into Ladder 48 and then the engines crew conducted a search of the second floor. There was negative entraptment and 08-9A (Brosnan) was in charge of Division 2. The crew was on scene for about 2 hours.

RIT run to Holmes
Tuesday, June 14, 2016 
This morning shortly after 8 am, RIT 8 was dispatched as an additional RIT team for the working building fire in Holmes. The call was initially dispatched as a shed fire, but the fire was in the house and quickly the rear of the house became fully involved. The fire was placed under control just as RIT 8 was setting up on scene. The crew conducted a 360, and stood by until released by command.

RIT run to Ridley Township and Fireworks
Sunday, June 12, 2016 
This evening as the Engine was wrapping up on a clean up after the accident on Pennsylvania ave in town,  RIT 8 was dispatched to the working building fire on Haverford road in Ridley Township. The fire was in the basement and was a gas fed fire at the gas meter. The crews broke into teams, conduced a 360, and stood by in case we were needed. The initial crews attempted an interior attack, but were later pulled out and went to defensive operations using master streams to create a water curtain and disperse the gas vapors. After the call the crew then operated on the fireworks detail in town. Thanks to surrounding companies; Ridlye Park (07), Norwood (02), Tinicum Township (48), and Eddystone (12) that also assisted with the fireworks coverage.

RIT run to Morton and Auxillary Drill
Sunday, June 12, 2016 
This morning company 8 was dispatched for the comercial building fire at the Kohls on Baltimore Pike. RIT 8 set up our RIT cache, conducted a 360 and split our crews in two to cover the front of the building and rear. Clifton Heights (03) was added as an additional RIT due to the size of the building. Interior crews investigated the electrical issue and isolated to one section of the store. Once this was done Crews returned.

After returning from the call a crew went out on the Engine for some training around town utilizing the high school as well as Park Square. The crew mainly focused on Engine company Operations, deploying hose lines, hydrant hookups and pump operations. The crew also worked on some ladder skills as well. A good time was had by all in attendance.

3 Alarm Fire in Folcroft
Monday, June 6, 2016 

Tonight Company 8 was dispatched as the 3rd due RIT for a commercial building fire at the Family Dollar on in Folcroft. Both the TAC and Engine made the response. Initial crews tried to make an interior attack but ended up evacuating the building due to the heavy smoke and fire in the rear of the building. Crews from Propsect Park worked with the other RIT teams on location from Holmes and Lansdowne. Crews also provided scene lighting and worked to make the fire scene safer to operate on by marking exits with chem lights and forcing a few doors. Photos from Nozzlenut Photography.

Weekly Drill
Thursday, June 2, 2016 
This week for drill the crew went out on Engine 8 to give one of our newer drivers some driving and pump time as well as work on Hydrant hookups for our newer members. As an Engine company this is an essential part in our fire ground duties to find water and get it to the fire ground.

Building Fire in Ridley Park
Sunday, May 29, 2016 
Dispatched as a building fire with entrapment, Engine 8 arrived right behind Ladder 48 and laid a supply line into the scene. Ladder 48 had smoke showing and went in service with a hand line. It was quickly identified that the fire was only on the outside of the house under the porch. Crews worked on extinguishing the fire while a crew from Engine 8 and Ladder 48 conducted a search of the house. Crews also helped with ventilation and then repacked the 500 feet of supply line that Engine 8 had used.

MVA 4th and Summit Ave
Saturday, May 21, 2016 
Dispatched for a MVA with injuries. Arrived to find one vehicle into a pole. Upon arrival there was smoke coming from the engine compartment and EMS was attending to the patient. Crews stabilized the vehicle and applied fire protection. Crew stood by until the tow arrived.

Reported Building fire in town
Saturday, May 21, 2016 
Shortly afternoon the company was dispatched for a building fire in town at an apartment building with reports of a strong electrical odor. Snozzle 8 arrived with nothing showing and the crew from the Snozzle as well as Rescue 48 went to investigate. The crew checked the first floor as well as the mechanical room of the complex. A resident identified a light fixture that might have had some smoke coming out of it. The crew disassembled the fixture to fully investigate and then contacted maintenance and waited for them to make the response. While inside the crew also did some PR handing out fire helmets to some of the kids living in the building.

Building Fire in Tinucm
Sunday, May 15, 2016 
Just before 4PM company 8 was dispatched to Tinicum for a building fire at the Motel 6. Company 48 arrived with smoke showing and put an 1 3/4" hand line in service. Engine 8 laid a supply line into the scene to supply Engine 48. The crew took an attic ladder into the crawl space and assisted company 48 with checking for extension

MVA in Norwood
Sunday, May 8, 2016 
Station 8 was dispatched for an Accident with Entrapment for a car overturned in Norwood on Winona Ave. Upon arrival EMS was already in the process of removing the patient. Crews stabilized the vehicle from rolling completely as well as secured the battery. The crew also aided in the cleanup by spreading oil dry and sweeping debris from the road. The crew was on scene until the tow arrived.

Thursday, May 5, 2016 
The crew gathered for drill this week and headed out in Snozzle & Tac 8 to met up with Jim, Jim is a private collector who wanted to join us and see what his old HAHN pumper could do. We set up and flowed water via our boom and deck gun, we also ran some lines and practiced extending our lines with our Cleveland load bundles. The crew also got to work with our new portables and conduct driver operator training. It was another fantastic drill. A good time had by all.

Sunday, May 1, 2016 
This week the crew from companies 8 & 7 gathered and conducted a radio communications drill in station 8.

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